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“A Diamond is like us – made of carbon and under great pressure, we shine.”

Early 2020 Irma de Vries (1980, Dutch) started Studio Irma.

Her carreer had grown so much, she wanted to honor the people she works with, with adding the word Studio in front of her name.

She works with modern dancers, composers, tecnicians, programmers, curators, designers, all kinds of people from different fields.


She believes in connectivism.


Connectivism for studio irma: “is a theoretical framework for understanding and learning in a digital age. It emphasizes how internet technologies such as web browsers, search engines, and social media contribute to new ways of learning and how we connect with eachother.


We take this definition offline and into our physical world. through compassion and empathy, we build a shared understanding, in our collective choice to experience art.


Our perception is a mix of thought and sight. and our mind has the power to influence - negatively or positively - what we see in the mirror. It is in this conscious decision to reflect, that we can and continue to grow.


Contemporary Dutch artist Studio Irma creates digital immersive art exhibitions, spaces, artworks and experiences. With a devoted multi-disciplinary team, they combine augmented reality, videomapping, sculpture, computer animation, painting, and digital techniques to imagine the unforgettable.


Studio Irma is a revolutionary dreamer who engages digital technologies to connect humanity. Through space, color, technology, movement, and YOU - the active participant, Studio Irma's body of work reveals a more hopeful and connected future. Studio Irma invites you to take a step into a new world of possibilities.


Irma de Vries graduated from the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in the field video and audio. During her studies she worked as an VJ in several clubs and festivals. After her graduation she worked for several famous artist and movie directors as an animator, video-editor and assistent. Here she learned all the techniques that are important to learn how to make large scale exhibitions. During these years she was also very connected and active in other fields like theater, moviemaking and dance.


The last few years she worked as a solo artist and won several videomapping awards, and her work was shown in different musea and lightfestivals. Now she is looking forward to continue to grow with her studio and keep on suprising us with all the new possibilities of Art in the future.


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“The power of your reflection tells you exactly where you are now.”